Children Dentist Lithonia

Discover A Fun and Gentle Family Dentist in Lithonia, GA

If your kids hate going to the family dentist, you need to entice them with the promise of fun and relaxation – and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Dental Touch Atlanta, a gentle family dentist in Lithonia, GA.

At Dental Touch Atlanta, we understand that children might be nervous about their experiences with the dentist. That’s why our board certified children’s dentists in Lithonia specialize in gentle and pain free dental services. From regular teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments to dental crowns, we turn every dental appointment into a surprisingly gentle and fun experience.

Our friendly family dentists are skilled at the art of distraction. From our relaxing and comfortable rooms to our bright TVs in every room, your children will be distracted by these fun and relaxing extras. This means that dental services will be a little less painful – and a whole lot more fun!

Your kids don’t have to fear the family dentist anymore. To schedule your child’s next dentist appointment, contact Dental Touch Atlanta today at (404) 973-2377. We’ll be delighted to show you why we’re the children dentist Lithonia family’s have trusted for over 10 years.