About Us

Dental Touch Atlanta is a preferred family dentist in Lithonia, GA. Since 2005, Dental Touch Atlanta has been providing families and children with superior dental services that are safe, fun, and comfortable. By combining state-of-the-art equipment with eight years of experience, Dr. Vanessa Dowdy have been brightening smiles in the greater Atlanta, GA area.

As board-certified dentists, Dr. Dowdy understand what it takes to provide gentle and pain free dental services. That’s why more patients enjoy going to Dental Touch Atlanta for teeth cleanings, dental implants, oral cancer screenings, and more. The office prioritizes a relaxing environment with TVs in every room, so patients can be distracted while undergoing their dental treatments. Dental Touch Atlanta ensures that all patients are comfortable and relaxed before performing any dental service.

Dental Touch Atlanta of Lithonia, GA specializes in a variety of dental services, including teeth whitening (including 1 hour whitening), dental implants veneers, teeth cleanings, deep cleanings, dental crowns, cosmetic surgery, Invisalign, extractions, snap-on smiles, fluoride treatments, and much more. With so many dental services offered by trusted board certified dentists, it’s no wonder more people prefer Dental Touch Atlanta, the gentle family dentist in Lithonia, GA.

Dental Touch Atlanta also prioritizes the convenience of their clients. Dental Touch Atlanta accepts most insurance plans, and they also accept cash pay. No matter what the clients’ needs, they can be sure that they’ll work hard to ensure that the next dental cleaning is fast, fun and enjoyable. It’s this dedication to customer service that has made Dental Touch Atlanta the preferred family and children’s dentist in the greater Lithonia, GA area.

If clients want to schedule their next dental service at their Lithonia, GA location, contact Dental Touch Atlanta today at (404) 973-2377.